Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beehive Radio Chief steps into Politics

Beehive Radio Chief steps into Politics: "
Beehive radio president Mam Sonangdo on Tuesday claimed that he will step into politics if the two Cambodia opposition parties agree to join and try to create real a democratic system.

“I will walk into political stage again if Sam Rainsy and the Human Right Party jointly create mechanism, leading to real democracy which not fight for power,” Morm Sonangdo told the press conference on Tuesday.

Mom Sonangdo was angered when authorities banned his pilgrimage to a pagoda located at the Cambodia-Thailand border, he said.
Mu Sochua, vice SRP secretary general told DAP News Cambodia that she and her party welcomed those who want to join democracy, but declined to answer further questions.

A Cambodian Government official insisted that it is the legal right of every citizen to enter politics or form a political party.
Chheang Vun, Cambodia People´s Party (CCP) Lawmaker in Battambang Province, said “To unite the SRP and HRP is their right, but CPP does not worry as the party is very strong already.”


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